Work package 1 -- Mathematical Analysis --

Leader: Michelle schatzman




Mathematical Analysis

  • Analysis of the degree of overlapping, links and differences between
    complementarity dynamical systems and four alternative modelling
    frameworks for describing nonsmooth systems: (i) piecewise smooth sets of
    ODEs; (ii) hybrid dynamical systems; (iii) differential inclusions;
    (iv) ODEs with impulsive inputs.
  • Derivation of new existence results on non-convex evolution
    problems and measure-differential inclusions in view of
    applications to models in nonsmooth dynamics with or without
  • Analysis of classical and novel models for vibro-impact problems with friction:
    well-posedness and equivalence of different formulations.
  • Study of frictionless vibro-impact problems in the multi-constraint case: existence
    results when the data are not analytical, convergence of time-discretizations of
    the differential inclusions describing the dynamics.
  • Comparison and cross-fertilization between the measure
    differential inclusion approach and the complementarity problems
    approach for linear complementarity systems.